God’s favorite colors


pattern by Yarn Harlot
handspun yarn from Puffy Mondaes

“After blue, God’s favorite color is green.” This quote from John Piper most recently came to mind while knitting. As the variegation passed each new hue through my fingers, I enjoyed every stitch. Each one was something new and beautiful; I felt intimately connected with my yarn. Maybe that sounds silly, but anyone who has knitted 10,000 stitch with commercial yarn will understand. It gets monotonous. But not with this lovely yarn from Puffy Mondaes. Made from 100% wool it will also keep a person’s neck toasty, so dear Leonardo I think my scarf to be a striking exception to the beauty and utility rule.

For the full article by Piper check out his website here

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2 Responses to God’s favorite colors

  1. Jake Olson says:

    Do you know how to make the word “Puffy Mondaes” into a link to their website?

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