The next minute you catch him like this…


Macavity, Macavity, there’s no one like Macacity,

There never was a Cat of such deceitfulness and suavity.

He always has an alibit, or one or two to spare:

And whatever time the deed took place–MACAVITY WASN’T THERE!


Cat personality. It’s hard to understand. Here is my attempt to depict actual events. Does he not realize he is small and soft; she weighs 1000 lbs?

I could never find the words to do this troublemaker justice. So I’m very grateful T S Eliot captured the persona in  “Macavity- The Mystery Cat”

Macavity’s a mystery cat: he’s called the Hidden Paw–                                                           For he’s the master criminal who can defy the Law.                                                                He’s the bafflement of Scotland Yard, the Flying Squad’s despair:                  …

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