It’s been about 500 years since people began to realize WE weren’t the center of the universe. However, it still hits us in the gut sometimes. Here is a question I posed to high school freshman, and their parenthetical outbursts:

How fast are you moving as you sit at your desk? 

  • I am not moving (duh)
  • I’m spinning with the earth’s rotation at about 1,000 mph (huh?)
  • I’m moving with the Earth’s around the sun at 66,487 mph (That’s a lie!)

It brought back memories of dear old Spanky, my high school Physics teacher. He told these same disturbing stories. Since Democritus, Copernicus , and even Feynman, students have been left in a fog of disbelief. Could the universe be so strange? It’s nice to know the big ideas can still be new, even though they’ve been around for, well, that’s kind of hard to say. How fast is the object moving that wants to know? Say, the speed of light?

Please share your favorite universal wonders. For starters, I’d love to know the speed of our galaxy around the center of the universe. Or the velocity it has this moment as the universe expands…

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