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Having just completed  a 14-month-intentional-technology-purge in my home, I’m renewing my blog with a little reflection as I rejoin the modern world. Time No surprise here. Without TV or internet at home, my husband and I had more free time … Continue reading

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The Child Who Loved Books

My father taught English and my mom worked in a library, maybe I never stood a chance. All I know is that my parents never had to twist my arm to read. They encouraged me to roam the shelves, selecting … Continue reading

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Tuscany in a Bottle

Winter has entrenched the valley where we live in Idaho. It is a Narnian world of bitter cold and snow that locals know as an inversion, and it is characterized by a constant haze which dulls the sun. In an … Continue reading

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Breaking Good

Late night cravings, secret sneakings. Just me, butter, sugar, cream, And vanilla-not imitation. Patience and a vintage thermometer Slowly creeps to firm-ball stage Carmel, you’re Chemistry perfection.

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Divided Brain

I’ve been reading Iain McGilchrist’s The Divided Brain and the Search for Meaning: Why We Are So Unhappy . It’s an essay that not only helps us understand the scientific functioning of our brains, but the existence we experience because … Continue reading

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It’s been about 500 years since people began to realize WE weren’t the center of the universe. However, it still hits us in the gut sometimes. Here is a question I posed to high school freshman, and their parenthetical outbursts: … Continue reading

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Fresh-fallen Snow

It doesn’t look like this as I write. The snow is coming fast and thick; I can barely make out my neighbor’s house through the fallow field that separates us. Last night the news was abuzz with the coming storm. … Continue reading

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