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The Child Who Loved Books

My father taught English and my mom worked in a library, maybe I never stood a chance. All I know is that my parents never had to twist my arm to read. They encouraged me to roam the shelves, selecting … Continue reading

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“Horsicles”, or “Oh Man, why art thou so hairless”

Navigating through a wintry mix over snow-packed roads made me a little smug today… Brave.  Even with 4-wheel drive. Determined. Even cocooned in the climatized, 86-degree truck cab. Battling the elements. Until, I pulled up and saw the horsicles in the pasture. That’s right, … Continue reading

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Dear Winter,

Last night it lingered at zero degrees. The horses’ whiskers are beaded in ice, their breath a ghostly whisper. The cold seeps further than the physical, freezing my willpower to go be outside, where I love to roam. Until I … Continue reading

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Riding as the year dies

Under a glitter-gilded blanket lies a silent field, Stone-strewn, frozen and still. Freshly-fallen snow is slashed by furrowed streaks, Summer’s ghost whispers of a wind-kissed night. Solitary-strikes, hoof on snow, Toward Heaven’s shadows, the mountains swell far-flung Our muffled-march an … Continue reading

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Dressage in the Snow

When I ride, I love to gallop and jump. But what to do in the snow? Snow requires walking gingerly; hooves fill up with balls of ice. So I decided to practice the one thing I hate: dressage. Every horse … Continue reading

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I always wanted to paint, but I never could get past the expense, mess, and frustration. Pencil drawings are great, but they lack the power of color. Now with the new app Paper I’ve found the best of both worlds. … Continue reading

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My Macavity

Cat personality. It’s hard to understand. Here is my attempt to depict actual events. Does he not realize he is small and soft; she weighs 1000 lbs? I could never find the words to do this troublemaker justice. So I’m … Continue reading

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