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Tuscany in a Bottle

Winter has entrenched the valley where we live in Idaho. It is a Narnian world of bitter cold and snow that locals know as an inversion, and it is characterized by a constant haze which dulls the sun. In an … Continue reading

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“Horsicles”, or “Oh Man, why art thou so hairless”

Navigating through a wintry mix over snow-packed roads made me a little smug today… Brave.  Even with 4-wheel drive. Determined. Even cocooned in the climatized, 86-degree truck cab. Battling the elements. Until, I pulled up and saw the horsicles in the pasture. That’s right, … Continue reading

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Dear Winter,

Last night it lingered at zero degrees. The horses’ whiskers are beaded in ice, their breath a ghostly whisper. The cold seeps further than the physical, freezing my willpower to go be outside, where I love to roam. Until I … Continue reading

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Dressage in the Snow

When I ride, I love to gallop and jump. But what to do in the snow? Snow requires walking gingerly; hooves fill up with balls of ice. So I decided to practice the one thing I hate: dressage. Every horse … Continue reading

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